A letter to Falcon. 

I wrote this piece almost an year back, when I met with another accident and Falcon took most of the impact. Wrote this when she was away for a month and half, when I was going through a not so good phase. Today being Valentine’s day, I went through this piece again and decided to publish it and make the world know what motorcycles mean to us. I still have Falcon with me and a lot has happened after writing this article. A lot more which has made our love, our bond even more intense. To give you an idea, we went on many long rides together including a 3500 kms ride to IBW, a 350 kms ride which was impulsively planned in just 20 seconds and many many more! Not to forget an engine rebuild too. A lot has changed in her, a lot has changed in me but what hasn’t changed is our love. 

She makes the everyday life a bit bearable, a bit more beautiful.

Biggest achievement for us so far. Ajmer – Goa – Ajmer.

Here’s the letter I wrote for her, very raw, very shitty, very unedited : 

” Hey Falcon. I hope you’re fine and the people at SVC are taking good care of you. Me? I’m not. I miss you Falcon, I miss you so fucking much. You didn’t deserve any of this. 

Numerous rounds to the SVC and had to see this heartbreaking sight most of the time.

You deserved to see the setting sunsets on the horizon, you deserved to be ridden whole day long merrily in your revband, you deserved getting your footpegs scraped in the corners! Because you were that good, Falcon! You still are, I assume. You were the best anti depressant I had. Period. Pure bliss was always a whack of throttle away. You were an escape route for me. Those morning chai runs, early morning highway hauls, long foggy rides, you delivered it all! :’) Whenever I was in a mess, I looked up to you, and though you don’t have a life (that’s cruel of me to say, though I believe that you’ve) you’d invite me for a ride with a big grin on your face. And I used to redline you, to take off my rage a bit! Because I knew, that your heart was so refined that it could take all the thrashing I threw at it. And I knew, that you’d shed speed, drop your anchors with confidence. When I didn’t have anyone else, I had you. Now that I don’t have you, and those dark clouds are back, I can’t help but crave for you. Do you remember how we rode into that rainstorm while returning from Barmer to Jodhpur? You didn’t break a single sweat on that ride, Falcon! Even after dealing with so much adversities! Your reliability made me confident enough to claim that given the chance, I can even scale KhardungLa on you!

Dusted, not done.

A few days back, dad offered me a deal. My parents want to sell you off and get me a new bike. But don’t worry Falcon, I won’t let them. This is what soulmates are for, right? For having each other’s back when the storm sets in? You had my back, this is me having yours. As I write this excerpt, your exhaust note is echoing in my head, and it’s making me feel a bit melancholic. :’) I miss you Falcon! And I promise, the day I’ll get you back, we will set the tarmac on fire. We will clock hundreds of miles together! And I’ll make sure that you don’t have to go through something like this ever again.

Get back soon, Love.” 

To many more happy miles together, darling.

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