How it feels like having a near death experience!

2nd October, Sunday. I was reading the newspaper and then the weekly horoscope caught my attention. It read that my weekend was going to be awesome! It came as a surprise because of the fact that my weekends are never awesome. I had high hopes this time. Made a few plans including going on an off roading session in a canal located on the outskirts of my town, and yeah, trekking too. But it turned out that our group was planning for a ride this weekend. So I opted for it because it had been a long time since we caught up. A scenic ride on the smooth roads of Barr was long due, so the plan was set! 9th October, 2016, a short breakfast ride to Barr. The elites of the group couldn’t make it to the ride because of personal reasons. So the arrangements were on Yash bhai and my shoulders. He lead the group to Barr while I was leading on the way back. It was all good. We were cruising at around 70-80 km/h, savouring the beautiful landscape with our eyes. And then it happened, reminding me that it’s Sunday and it can’t go all too well for me. 

Imagine this, you’re leaning like a bitch in a loooooong sweeping left hander on a highway, your bike’s footpeg is scraping the asphalt, you’re just in a perfect position, your knee is just an inch away from kissing the tarmac, with your tyre hugging the road like they are some damned soulmates. And then they come, a reflector accompanied with some dirt. The tyre’s 140 section width loses contact with the tarmac and flies up in the air. When it lands back on the road, it loses traction. And the next thing I remember is that I’m flying too. The landing? I don’t actually remember every detail of it, because all of it happened in just a silver of a second. One moment, you’re experiencing what heaven must feel like. And the other? You’re down on the ground with excruciating pain. Heaven and hell aren’t just two psychological concepts, I learned that day. When I was leaning in that corner, I found heaven. And the course which followed, which I already explained it above, signified hell. 

What I do remember about the crash is my mind state and how I landed, just a bit of it. I flew over my bike, and bounced on the road for like 4-5 times, every time my head hitting on the ground. And then I crashed into the railing. My mind state? Well, the moment I got off my bike knowing that I’m having an accident, I thought I was going to die. Everyone behind me thought the same. The crash was that bad! The rider who was just behind me even said that I crashed in the MotoGp style!

Impact on the leg guard shows how bad the crash was!

I was dead, the thought hovering in my head. And I felt peaceful, they were like the most peaceful 4 seconds of my life.

I ran out of time, well, almost.

Because I was at good terms with everyone close to me. My family was happy with me, got on the same page again with a bro, and my other bros loved me too. And yeah, obviously, my other family (Ajmer riders club) was quite satisfied with me too. What else? I was dying doing the thing I love the most, riding, leaning on a highway road. I was going down happily. Then it happened. It ended and I got up just after coming back to my senses. Got up and ran to see the state of Falcon! That’s when I realized that I was still alive. Even when my head kissed the tarmac quite passionately for 4-5 times, and then the railing, I was still alive. Helmet saved me, quite literally.

Thanks for having my back bro, and my head too.

I was wearing other riding gears too, including a jacket and gloves.

Thanks to the palm protector, hands got away unharmed


Jacket wasn’t armored, and it wasn’t mine. Sorry for destroying your jacket, bro! 


Injuries? Two minor and two kind of major. Jacket couldn’t hold the impact and I got blessed with a deep wound on my stomach. The reason why I can’t even a post a picture of it here! Got one on both the elbows and one on the left knee. 

Falcon got away with minor bruises too. The right grab rail is destroyed, apart from some scratches on the tank. The chrome cup on the twin port exhaust has became loose and the exhaust assembly has some scratches. Handlebar is slightly bent towards the right and both the RVMs are shattered. 

The rad looking exhaust now looks bruised
Even mederma can’t cure the scar this severe

The dream and the nightmare : Somehow I manage to sleep, after taking pain killers to neutralize the excruciating pain. And then it plays again, like I have a damn GoPro in my head. The accident plays again in my head, me leaning into the corner, the bike losing traction and then the crash. I wake up dripping in sweat, gasping for breath, that curve scaring the shit out of me. I started having nightmares about the mishap. 

The other night, I’m dreaming that I’ve recovered completely and got Falcon fixed too. After spending a few days getting my life back on the track again, I decide to go to that same spot again. This time, all alone. Because I want to conquer the fear which has taken over my nights. And I nail that corner perfectly this time. 

So this is what I’m gonna do now. After recovering and getting a nice pair of elbow and knee guards, I’m going to hit that corner again. And this time, I’m not going to commit the mistakes I committed earlier. I’ll choose the line carefully, enter the corner with confidence and with slightly opened throttle, hold the line, get my knee down and exit the corner without my head kissing the tarmac. Just waiting for the day I completely recover, and get those elbow and knee guards, then I’m going to nail that son of a bitch corner perfectly! 


2 thoughts on “How it feels like having a near death experience!

  1. It was quite an accident kid. Learning and luck both play their part. The scars both on the bike and you will remind ya that it isn’t easy, but stuff is achievable

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