Head protector, but head turner? Find out more in the product review of Studds Shifter.

I ain’t going to explain why helmets are the most important part of your riding gear because you might have come across many advertisements, campaigns or articles explaining why wearing a helmet is necessary while riding.
If you aren’t wearing one while you’re in a collision, chances are you might not be able to read my next blog. It’s as simple as that.

Product description : It’s been an year since I bought this lid from Jaipur. It retails by the name of studds shifter graphic with a sticker price of around 2000 INR. Though you can get it at around 1600 INR in the local market. Studds is an Indian brand which sells helmets, riding glasses, gloves and other accessories. The shifter helmet is the most premium offering by the indian manufacturer. It’s a full face helmet. It also comes in plain matte finish apart from the graphic ones, whichever floats your boat.


Build quality : Build quality is best in class in this price range. The helmet feels rock solid. Can’t comment on how it will fare in a crash, because I haven’t been in any *touchwood* Though I’ve dropped it accidentally a couple of times, from around 3-4 feet. There wasn’t even a single scratch, visor being an exception. So I can vouch that the build quality is pretty decent and it will save your head in case of any mishap. It weighs around 1 kg and 450 grams and is ISI certified. It’s L sized and my head is on larger side so it fits well. It comes with a washable inner liner. So you don’t need to worry about that friend who oils his hair like he oils his chain, using your helmet. Paddings are great and you don’t feel uncomfortable even after spending hours on the saddle. I’ve been using it for commuting daily to my college, and occasional rides. It might seem a bit on heavier side when you carry it, but once it gets where it was designed to be, you don’t feel the weight anymore.



The lid’s quality is rock solid, but it doesn’t apply to the visor mechanism. The visor screw gave up on the highway during my Jaipur-Ajmer ride. If it wasn’t for the dual visor, my eyes would have swollen on that ride. But the worse part came later when I got to know that the visor screw wasn’t available in my city. Had to ride without the primary visor for a couple of weeks. Dual visor came in handy again. Later I got the screw from Samarth bhaiya. Visor lock-unlock mechanism feels a bit flimsy. And the quality of the visor isn’t “great” either. It isn’t scratch resistant, nor is it night vision coated.


Stability : The paddings snugly fit your head and face. The aerodynamics are similar to that of much pricier helmets like LS2. So it doesn’t wobble a bit even on three digit speeds. Noise insulation isn’t that great though. You can hear the windblast while cruising on the highways.

The rear exhaust which enhances the aerodynamics.

Features : It does come with a ton of features for its price range. It has a removable visor though I advise you not to remove it that often, because the visor lock-unlock mechanism feels a bit flimsy. Apart from the clear primary visor, it comes with a tinted dual visor. It’s very helpful while riding in sunlight. And it doesn’t come as an accessory, so when it’s gone, it’s gone. You better use it a bit carefully. There are 2 retractable air vents on the top of the helmet and a exhaust too in the back side. Though I feel they’re just for showing off, because it gets a bit sweaty during summers. Other notable features include a washable inner liner, a nose protector, and thick padding on the inside.

Air vents.
The nose protector and the dual tinted visor.
Thick padding and the inner washable liner.
The visor mechanism.

If you need a decent full face helmet within 1500-1600 INR, this is the best deal you can get. Though it has its share of drawbacks like the flimsy visor assembly, fake air vents and unavailability of spare parts… it still makes up for it by providing a solid build quality, awesome looks, and a long feature list.

Photographs clicked and edited by Harshad Sadhnani.


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