6 Reasons why Suzuki Gixxer 155 can be crowned as 150 CC king.

The term power commuter was first introduced by Hero Honda CBZ, which was launched way back in 1999. Before that, the indian mass was centered towards fuel efficient commuters. Looks and power weren’t considered a deal maker. But the cult towards power commuter was established by Bajaj, which introduced the pulsar twins in 2001. Since then, the power commuter segment is reaping profits for their companies. Yamaha too joined the club by introducing its naked power commuter Fz16 in 2008. With muscular styling, decent power and that big ass tyre which looked sourced from a middle-weight sportsbike. Suzuki too opened its cards by launching GS150r. It was a capable bike and had the ability to munch some numbers, but somehow failed to strike the chord with Indian crowd. With less appealing styling as compared to competition, it couldn’t impress the style sensitive indians. After hibernating for a long time, suzuki launched an all new product in the 150 cc segment. By naming its product after the legendary gixxer series, suzuki surely caught the attention of indian bikers. And when it launched in september 2014, it looked quite promising. After 8 months of being in the indian market, gixxer can be tagged as suzuki’s best offering to the masses. Here are 6 Reasons which puts gixxer a step ahead of its competition :

  1. The “legendary” tag : When suzuki reveled the name of its 150 cc offering, the people in the auto world became skeptical. The fellas at suzuki named the power commuter gixxer. Gixxer is a legendary sport bike series launched by suzuki in 1984. It took the auto world by storm by introducing a full blown litre class bike which offered raw power. It was considered the king of superbikes until the germans took over. But you can’t underestimate a two wheeler pumping out close to 200 Bhp. The gixxer series is still respected among the elite bikers.  The 155cc Gixxer appears to hold fort on that front. It houses a compact, all-digital instrument cluster that’s filled to the brim with information – like a speedometer, odometer, two trip meters, in-gear indicator and fuel level meter – much like the bigger GSX-R1000. It also gets the hereditary raw power and nimbleness around the corners. So, the small gixxy lives upto its name.
  2. Neat looking motorcycle with a hint of sportiness to it : You won’t expect a 150 cc bike to be drop dead gorgeous.But gixxer scores a perfect ten when it comes to looks department.Build quality is good too, especially as compared to competition. The plastic used in switchgear is nothing to complaint about, there are no ugly panel gaps whatsoever. The meaty front forks, the chiseled tank, flowing tail section with neatly integrated pillion grab rails,golden calipers housed on front disc brake, those fat radial tyres (which are useful around the corners, unlike those flat tyres on FZ16 which are meant just for showing off). The 2 into 1 exhaust comes as cherry on the top. Despite being a small capacity motorcycle, it makes head turn. Even the fairer sex are bound to take a second look. Afterall, who doesn’t want a gorgeous thing placed right in between their leg? *evil grin*
  3. Ergonomics of a power commuter but handles like its big bad brothers : Suzuki tagged the gixxer as a “street sport bike”. Which can be ridden daily, for commuting ofcourse, but without hampering the fun factor. Suzuki has put in a lot of effort to ensure that you have an adrenaline packed ride every time you go for a spin on this bike. Some of the top race engineers who are involved in WSBK and MotoGP worked on the design of this bike according to the company. The lightweight chassis helps the motorcycle achieve the lightest in category kerb weight of just 135 kg. The seats are extremely comfortable. The foot pegs are slightly rear setted but not in the league of being uncomfortable. The riding stance, therefore, isn’t committed. The best thing about gixxer, is the way it handles. Suzuki has sculpted the chasis so beautifully that even newbies will find their knees scraping while piercing a corner. Even through potholes, the mini gixxy doesn’t lose its composure. It holds well through bad roads, afterall this is where the bike will be ridden most. Gixxer is a comfortable bike, which handles like no other 150 cc bike can. It just outshines its competition without compromising on comfort.
  4. Performance : There’s an old saying among auto enthusiasts “there’s no replacement for displacement”. This applies here too. The suzuki gixxer is powered by a 155 cc mill churning out 14.8 PS and 14 NM of torque. Which makes the gixxer sit top on all of its competitors. When you ride the gixxy for the first time, you’ll notice that it has a very meaty mid grunt. You won’t expect a small capacity motorcycle to have a good top end, but gixxer doesn’t disappoint here, either. There’s a small sweet surge that starts building around 7000 RPM and lasts till 9000 RPM. But after crossing the 100 km/h mark, the extremely refined engine feels a bit stressed. So what you get is a more than adequate machine for maneuvering inside the city and a capable motorcycle for weekend highway getaways.
  5. Easy on pocket : Suzuki targeted youth with its offering, and mainly college going peeps. They wanted a bike which looks good, handles well, produces adequate power and most importantly, doesn’t burn a hole in their pocket. Suzuki ticked all the boxes right. With an ex-showroom price of 76000 (approx), one can easily convince his dad to get him one. And when it comes to efficiency, the 155 cc motor is fragile. The worst you can manage by pushing its limits is 40 km/l which isn’t that bad. Ride it sanely, with occasional bursts and it will return 50-55 km/l. While owning a very capable machine, you can still manage enough to please the love of your life.
image sourced from Iamabiker

6   .Exhaust note : For many motorcycle buyers, this isn’t a main factor to consider while buying. But suzuki made a very smart move by adding some music to its offering. Even if people don’t give the bike the attention it deserves, the exhaust note will surely make their head turn in awe. While on the roll, it makes an interesting noise. The exhaust note is on louder side and it also feels like a love child of RTR’s thrashy tune with a bassy punch from a KTM. I’d buy it just considering the music it produces. Dr. Dre of its segment I’d say.

And if you’ve no love for a naked bike, suzuki has recently launched its faired counter-part i.e Gixxer SF. For those who like to pose and possess a machine which gives them the big bike feel. 8 months and still reigning the throne, that’s suzuki gixxer for you. It has succeded in doing what its competition couldn’t. But it’s just a matter of time and the competition will fair itself against gixxer. Bajaj pulsar, I’m looking at you.


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    1. “More better” looking at your English, I can bet that you didn’t pass your school with good grades. Although, you can try posting in your local language. English isn’t your cup of tea, bro!

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