She said she was made to counter this,
Humanity was sinking slowly,abyss.

Wherever she went,those eyes were always there,
Admiring her assets,with a wolf’s glare.

Decency in their eyes,mere
To raise a roar,no one dare.

This was the doom of humanity,
Her face,still exemplified serenity.

It was chronic for her,when the sun saw her from dusky eyes
Wolves were on a hunt,vampires all over the skies.

They were just a slave of their luscious mind
Definition of masculinity,redefined.

So called civilized people chided the girl for her dressing sense
They said the provocation it did,was immense.

Their eyes signified fire,which was turning her soul from iron to steel
Her dignity was on pyre,she was getting stronger as the scars started to heal.


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